Transverse digital transformation efforts, there is a growing recognition that communication and collaboration are becoming increasingly important – even as some processes become automated. Developers are increasingly looking for ways technology can improve team effectiveness in the hybrid era.

With that in mind, I spoke with Alihan Jetta (AJ), the company’s president and CEO Marketcircleto find out his views on leadership qualities that will be needed for future work.

A little Daylite about the future workplace

Daylite by Marketcircle is a CRM solution for Apple products. It is designed for collaboration both externally and internally within teams. The software itself combines customer relationship management, planning, contacts, sales and project management into one native application for Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Over the years, the company has refined Daylite to maximize customer value, including the ability to store useful data about historical interactions. More recently, the company the synchronization system has been updated Daylight uses so that more users and more data can be synced.

At its simplest, Daylite is seen by some as an Apple-only Salesforce alternative. Precisely because the company is already building tools for hybrid teams, Jetha’s insights into the future of work will be valuable to other enterprise professionals. These questions and answers offer some of the insights he had to share.

What are the three most important leadership qualities when managing remote teams? “Having the right people in the right place is very important, but how do you get there?

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