As the COVID-19 pandemic continued to escalate in October 2020, most office workers entered their seventh month of working from home. With vaccines on the horizon and (preventive) rumors about it offices will begin to reopen in the new year, some organizations have decided to never return to an office environment—at least not one that can be recognized from the way it worked before the pandemic.

Dropbox was one of the first to make this decision, announcing on October 13 that “as of today, Dropbox is becoming the first virtual company.” The company said in a statement that “remote work (out of the office) will be the core experience for all employees and the daily default for individual work.”

The existing offices have closed for good, and in their place Dropbox Studios has opened for collaboration and community building. It was strictly forbidden to use the studios for independent work.

Almost two years later, Andy Whisson, Dropbox’s Chief Product Officer, spoke about the experience of becoming a “virtual first” company and what lessons Dropbox has learned along the way. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Why did Dropbox decide to become a fully remote company and how did you go about developing your “virtual first” strategy? We are a company that creates products that enable people to work remotely, so at the beginning of the pandemic we decided that we needed to really live our product by working remotely and learning what works with our teams before we release our products into the world. .

“virtual first” [the name Dropbox gave its remote work strategy] was a very elaborate process. We didn’t just sit down and say, “We’re all remote now, let’s keep it that way.” We spoke to many other companies that were working remotely before the pandemic, asking what was successful for them, what was difficult, what processes they put in place, and from these conversations we began to build a new strategy for the company.

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