Putin’s favorite TV presenters said that Boris suffered from “homosexual scandals” (Photo: East2West)

Kremlin propagandists began hysteria Boris Johnsondeaths, claiming it was a major breakthrough for Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

Russian state television is awash with statements of international support Ukraine “disintegrated”, because the prime minister is allegedly “the main sponsor of the war”.

Pundits on Putin’s favorite talk show said Mr Johnson was a “clown” who had had his “ass kicked” and suggested his replacement would be friendlier to Russia.

The prime minister has announced he will step down after a string of ministers quit amid revelations he knew about sexual abuse claims against MP David Pincher before hiring him as deputy chief whip.

But the Kremlin’s propaganda channels painted the controversy as a “homosexual scandal”, conveniently omitting claims that he was dishonest because they supported a regime that survives on the rise of lies.

Russia 1’s Olga Skabeeva, dubbed Putin’s “iron puppet” for her warmongering remarks in the run-up to the invasion, gleefully told viewers about the drama from outside parliament.

She said: “The anti-Putin coalition has collapsed before our eyes.

“There is, of course, mourning in Ukraine, Boris is the main sponsor of the war, and there is a whole show on Downing Street.

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His registration meant “no more Downing Street parties, even in non-Covid times,” she added.

“Johnson’s speech barked at British journalists who helped expose the sordid homosexual scandals that have dogged the prime minister in recent months.

“But Boris did not talk about his personal mistakes.”

Her husband, fellow pro-Putin expert Yevgeny Popov, said that after Boris was “kicked in the ass, the guys in Kiev seem to have realized that the anti-Russian coalition is now falling apart.”

He called the prime minister “Dhonsanyuk”, adding a suffix common to Ukrainian surnames, which Russians often use to mock their neighbors.

Campaigners claimed that Mr Johnson was personally responsible for the war’s deaths

TV presenters also made baseless claims that Mr Johnson was personally responsible for the strikes, which allegedly hit two cities on Russian soil.

Moscow has blamed Ukraine for this week’s bombings of Belgorod and Kursk, which killed three people.

Ukrainian officials deny responsibility for the attacks in Belgorod, and there have been no reports of explosions in Kursk.

In its main news broadcast, Russia 1 said: “It’s time to fly the white flag over Downing Street.”

“But Johnson remained loyal to Ukraine, which saved him many times…

“After announcing his resignation, the first thing he did was to call Kyiv.

“Johnson’s habit of diverting attention to Ukraine has long been a source of jokes in Britain.”

Russia’s ambassador to London, Andrei Kelin, said that the prime minister neglected internal issues, focusing on Ukraine, although he poured cold water on the statement that the Westminster drama was already a victory for Russia.

“It is too early to say how this will affect Russian-British relations,” he told Channel 1.

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Putin’s stooges seize on ‘clown’ Boris quitting as ‘victory for Russia’

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