Wetherspoons is set to highlight the extent to which the cost of living crisis is impacting the pub sector’s post-Covid recovery

Next week, Wetherspoons will shed light on the extent to which the cost of living crisis is affecting the pub sector’s post-Covid recovery.

Industry figures show that a trip to the pub is one of the last things consumers have given up. And in March, Wetherspoons said things were going well.

But analysts are waiting for an update on fourth-quarter trades on Wednesday to see if rising pressure on budgets will move the dial.

Tim Martin, who founded the network in 1979 and is its chairman, may also advise Chancellor Nadhim Zahavi.

He urged the government to balance taxes between the hospitality industry and supermarkets, including by reducing VAT on food. And he accused the Bank of England of fueling inflation by injecting money into the economy through the pandemic.

Wetherspoons, which has 861 pubs in the UK, has raised prices to combat rising staff, food and energy costs. And the city will seek input on how cost increases are being managed.

Hargreaves Lansdown equity analyst Matt Britzman said: “The main story is likely to focus on inflation. In March, cautious consumers did not affect the bidding. Given that the cost of living crisis has developed since then, it will be interesting to see if this trend has changed.’

Analysts expect a profit of £15.3m for the full year to July, compared with a loss of £167m last year. Britzman said the chain needs to maintain its sales growth rate during the quarter to break even.



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