Catcher Harry Ford, prospect #1 of the Seattle Mariners, again showed his great power with the madero and the selection of Spain was his new victim, luego de darles un enorme HR during the encounter of this Tuesday between both squads, whose the winner will get the first ticket of this European qualifier for the 2023 World Baseball Classic.

Luego de una parte alta de la primera entrada donde los españoles logaron pegaron primero con un jugozo rally de cuatro anoaciones, ante la serpentina del británico opener Vance Worley, Ford sería el encargado abrir la tanda de los británicas en busca de la remontada tempranera.

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Harry Ford links huge HR to Spain

It was in this same first turn of the match when Harry Ford managed to contribute in a big way to the cause of his team, because before the throws of the right-hander Lowin Sacramento and in the count of 2-1, he made a swing to a breaking throw, which he punished gran manera para conectarlo por todo el jardín central para superar por mucho los 400 pis y poner a la Gran Bretaña en el marcador con el 4-1.

The enormous HR of the prospect #1 of Marineros before the selection of Spain was his third of the tournament, in which he was able to punish each one of the teams that he faced to place himself as the leader of the flight circles of the European classification, as well as adding six remolcadas hasta el momento para ser co-líder en esa estatística.

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