Thank you, President. And may I begin by thanking the Special Envoy and the Assistant Secretary-General from OCHA for their briefings – and the UN as a whole for their continued efforts to ensure lasting and lasting peace in Yemen.

We welcome the positive impact on the lives of the Yemeni people of the continued reduction in violence resulting from the ceasefire and progress in confidence-building measures.

Special Envoy, we welcome the multi-stakeholder process you have outlined and Ms Msuya’s proposals for economic recovery. Ceasefire and confidence-building measures are important first steps, but as we discussed earlier, securing lasting peace will require ambition and progress on a wide range of issues, including economic and military, as well as unblocking roads through Yemen.

We also welcome the news that the Military Coordination Committee intends to hold monthly meetings to review key developments of concern.

I would like to highlight three issues in particular:

First, the UK remains concerned about the humanitarian and wider social and economic consequences of the ongoing road closures around Taiz. Special Envoy, we reiterate your call to all parties to coordinate in order to reach an agreement on the opening of major roads as soon as possible and reap the benefits.

Second, on demining, we welcome the reduction in civilian casualties since the ceasefire began. But as you said, the special envoy, mines and unexploded ordnance are taking more and more civilian lives, including children.

Expanding humanitarian access would allow UNMHA to protect some of the most vulnerable Yemenis, so we continue to call on all parties to support demining efforts across Yemen.

Third, food security. The global rise in commodity prices that you both mentioned means increased food insecurity, hunger and starvation in Yemen. And food prices have reached records. We therefore reiterate Ms Msuya’s appeal to all donors to ensure immediate disbursement of funds to alleviate suffering.

Finally, the UK also remains concerned about the threat posed by the SAFER oil tanker and the lack of funding for the UN emergency operation. Inaction will be costly.

The UK has pledged $5 million to implement the UN plan and we are calling on others to provide funding to bridge the $20 million shortfall so that the emergency operation can begin to address the risk of serious humanitarian and environmental damage.

In conclusion, President, we call on the parties to continue to demonstrate courageous leadership to build positive momentum to ensure progress and prioritize peace and stability in Yemen. As the special envoy noted, this is the best opportunity for peace in recent years.

I thank you.

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