Portobello Bookstore in Edinburgh has introduced a SUBSCRIPTION service for book lovers.

Porty by mail” each month features a fiction or non-fiction book along with an interview with the author in the accompanying booklet.

Gifts from other independent local businesses are also included in the package along with a bookmark and card.

The bookstore also hosts online events, giving subscribers access to Q&A sessions with authors and virtual book groups.

Beth Gorey, who co-ordinates the subscription service, said: “Reading is the perfect way to take a break from a busy life, a great way to relax, connect and share ideas, and a great way to recharge your batteries.

“It’s also just plain good fun, and our subscription service will open up a whole new world of writing that you might not otherwise discover.

“I love the idea of ​​introducing readers to new writers that they then fall in love with and share with others.

“It’s like a personal recommendation, but one that goes further than immediate friends and family.”

Subscriptions for three, six or 12 months start from £19 plus postage.

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The Portobello Bookshop launches books by post

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