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People on Reddit have been sharing clear signs that someone has become American after the Redditor Ermland2 asked – you guessed it – it.

“What is the obvious sign that someone is American?”

And it was a very enlightening and entertaining read. These 23 definitely nailed the gifts.


“According to the CIA, learning to be a spy requires learning to bend. Americans tend to lean on things when standing still.’


“Went into a bar in Australia. Ordered a beer and then the bartender noticed I was American. I asked, “Was that an accent or did I pick a Budweiser beer”? He said, “Because you’re the fattest guy I’ve ever seen in my life.”


“When I lived in Europe, people said that only Americans eat on the go. I was eating a bagel or something on the way to work or class and a few people asked me if I was American lol.’


“An Italian told me that the Americans were definitely going in the wrong direction.”
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“How’s your day?” or “How are you?” in completely random circumstances.”


“If someone asks how far something is, an American will say how long it will take to get there, as opposed to the physical distance.”
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“When they say ‘Europe’ it can mean anything from Venice to Doncaster.”


“From what European friends and travelers have told me, our complete and utter lack of voice in the room.”
KevMenc 1998


“The gentle smiles you give strangers as you pass by make eye contact, at least in the Midwest. was not well received in Germany.’


“The retail worker here does not live in the US. I can usually spot an American because he greets me with “Hi, how are you?”… and since I usually have a standard “tired of life” expression, at first I thought they were making fun of me, so I didn’t know , how to respond.

It took me a while to realize that they didn’t really expect an answer lmao. Mind you, this may just be my personal experience, but this has happened too many times for it to be a coincidence.”


“Excessive amounts of small talk (no prompt).”
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People are sharing the ‘obvious signs someone’s American’ – 23 nailed on giveaways

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