Penn Badgley, who plays hit man and self-proclaimed “nice guy” Joe Goldberg in the Netflix movie Youcampaigned for Cardi B to star in season four.

Badgley said Rolling Stone that he would like to see a rapper and self-proclaimed You superfan in season four.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t sure Cardi would make sense in the new season’s London setting.

“I would like her to be in You? Yes, if it worked,” he told the publication.

I wanted her to be in season four. But it should work. Do you know? How could she be anyone but Cardi B?”

Cardi B was a fan of Netflix You since season one, and regularly changes her Twitter profile picture to Joe to coincide with the release of the new season, a tradition she’s followed this time around, though fans think it was a homage to her feature in the first episode.

Although Cardi is not appearing this season, she has received musical praise.

After Joe is tasked with disposing of the body of a man he believes he killed (an occupational hazard), he goes to a sawmill in the middle of the night.

The next montage of Joe cutting up a man’s entire body, including his very large penis, is a plot point, and it’s very clearly flashed during the scene, we’re not just mentioning it for fun – accompanied by the one and only Cardi B’s “I Like It.”

Penn Badgley and Cardi B have been firm friends online since October 2021, when the actor complimented her “real relationship” on social media during an event for You.

In response to the praise, Cardi tweeted, “OOOOMMFFGGGGGG HE KNOWS ME!!! OMMMMMGGGG!!!!!! Oooooh, like I’m famous and famous.’

The two also started a tradition of changing their Twitter profile pictures to feature each other. Netflix’s official Twitter account also endorsed the budding friendship, writing in its bio: “Petition for Cardi B to guest star on season 4 You.”

Although the petition didn’t work this time, we have high hopes for the fifth season.

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You actor Penn Badgley explains why Cardi B isn’t in season four

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