Pupils at Oakgrove School in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, had to learn remotely today because travelers were on the school grounds. Oakgrove management hope the school will reopen tomorrow.

The school, which is run by the Kingsbridge Educational Trust, released a brief statement on its website on Sunday.

A spokesperson said on the website that the school was closed due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

Nevertheless, the press secretary said Buckinghamshire live that travelers gained access to the school grounds on Friday.

Milton Keynes has two traveler sites located on Calverton Road in Calverton and Wheelen Road in Wheelen.

However, none of them have transit sites for travelers to legally stop at, and between them there are only 18 places to stay.

A spokesman for Oakgrove School said: “A group of travelers visited the site of Oakgrove High School on Friday, July 8.

“The school informed the relevant authorities.

“In accordance with the school’s safety policy, parents and staff have been advised that Oakgrove will be closed on Monday 11 July.

“Measures have been taken for distance work of students.

“I hope the school will reopen tomorrow. The school will keep parents and students informed.”

This came after travelers forced the closure of the cafe and play area Cornwall.

After being forced out of the area, the Travelers drew the ire of the residents by moving just a few miles to the same town.

Michelle Gavin, development manager for the charity Friends, Families and Travellers, said: “The country is chronically short of suitable and safe stopping places for Roma and Travelers passing through.

“There is a need for more safe stopping points such as transit platforms.

“No one wants their living situation to become a spectacle – everyone deserves the right to privacy.”


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