Sports network: Elliot Friedman on Thursday’s 32 Thoughts podcast on Dallas Stars restricted free agent forward Jason Robertson.

** transcript

“I think Kira pushed Robertson’s score higher. I like it when Kiru is worth it. Yeah, I mean, that’s the point. You know how I feel. You have a good young player, you sign him for as much as you can because the price will only go up.

Now, that’s interesting. Someone on the team told me, and another person seconded it, that when it comes to the cap, I think the players’ association and some agents are hoping for a million this year and then it will go up. Some of the teams tell me that they hear there will be a million this year, then the cap will go up another million next year, and then we’ll have a large number.

So let’s see what happens. That tells me that at some point the league and the players are going to talk about it, what they’re going to do.

But I think Dallas can get a long-term deal done now. With their cap space, especially depending on what they do with Khudobin, but the problem is, eight times out of eight, I don’t think Jason Robertson is going to do that anymore.

So to me it still makes more sense with the bridge. At this point, I’m not sure Dallas will have an opportunity to work with him long-term. And frankly, if I were Robertson, I’d probably bet on myself.

Now, if Dallas comes eight times out of nine for contention, then you should probably say yes. I don’t want to say that eight times eight is bad money or anything, but I just think that maybe he’s priced out of that range because of some of the deals that have been signed.”

NHL Rumors: What would it take for the Dallas Stars to sign Jason Robertson long-term?

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