The Leafs and Senators are talking to Murray

Eliot Friedman: Trade talks involving the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Ottawa Senators about Matt Murray strengthened. Negotiations are ongoing.

Bruce Harryoch: Matt Murray trade talks picked up the draft.

David Alter: May depend on the purchase price of Murry. They would buy cheap. He has been on the injured list seven times since his time with the Senators.

Michael Augela: “If # Leaves make Ottawa save the $$ and take back someone like that Justin Hallgetting a two-time Cup winner for the salary of a backup would be a risk worth taking.”

Dubas meets with Campbell

Darren Dreger: Toronto Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas meeting Jack Campbell yesterday. It was a friendly but unproductive meeting. So, nothing has changed.

To the Leafs and Oilers for Campbell?

James Myrtle: Probably before the Maple Leafs vs. Oilers game for Jack Campbell.

Chris Johnston of NorthStar Bets: The Edmonton Oilers and Toronto Maple Leafs will be in contention for Jack Campbell unless the Leafs can complete a deal for him by Wednesday.

There hasn’t been much negotiation between the Leafs and Campbell.

Darcy Kemper is essentially the only free agent starter.

Leafs GM Kyle Dubos Checks Out With Ottawa Senators Matt Murray and Minnesota Wild Cam Talbot. When leaving the draft, Dubas made it clear that Campbell was his first priority.

“You get a good idea of ​​where the market is, where it’s going and who’s available. What will be the value in trade,” Dubas said. “Now we’ll work out our own situation with Jack, and then when it comes down to it, we’ll work out the rest of the free agents.”

The Oilers are believed to be interested in Campbell and could offer him five years at $5 million each.

The Washington Capitals may be looking at Kuemper as their next mover.

Murray would refuse to go to the Oilers or the Maple Leafs. He turned down a deal with Buffalo.

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