Will Kadri replace Gaudreau if he leaves?

Chris Johnston of NorthStar Rates: It looks like things are still on hold between the Calgary Flames and pending UFA Johnny Gaudreau.

“Our focus is on Plan A,” Treliving said. “Until Plan A becomes a reality, we will focus on it. The only focus is to sign him.”

With Gaudreau gone, will the Flames look to the Colorado Avalanche for pending UFA Nazem Kadri?

Malkin is “devastated,” but a four-year deal might make him happier

Chris Johnston of NorthStar Rates: Evgeni Malkin wants to stay in Pittsburgh. He is believed to want a four-year deal, and something in the $7 million range should get him there.

Josh Yohe: “I understand that people are upset when Geno signs elsewhere. But we are not up to that. It’s not Hextall’s job to give him what he wants. Hextall’s challenge is to sign him for as little money as possible. That’s what negotiations are. Giving the players everything they want is a recipe for disaster.”

Rob Rossi of The Athletic: Evgeni Malkin on The Athletic: “They want me?”

Pittsburgh Penguins GM Ron Hextall said yes, and that they are trying to make some trades in the draft to free up more salary cap space. That would have given the Penguins more room to comfortably sign Malkin, but negotiations have stalled.

Malkin felt that they wanted him back only on their terms, which they are not close to.

Malkin’s close friends said he was “devastated” by how things played out.

Mario Lemieux wants Malkin and Sidney Crosby to retire as Penguins. Malkin’s knee surgery could cause some management sleight of hand regarding the deadline. The sale of ownership this year also made a difference. Lemieux only has a 0.5 percent stake.

The Penguins began offering Malkin a two-year, $6 million deal. The Penguins moved up to three years at $6 million on Thursday. Malkin

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