Wage breakdown Matej Tkachuk right

Capfriendly: Breakdown of Matthew Tkachuk’s salary during eight-year, $76 million signing period followed by trade Calgary Flames yes Florida Panthers

2022-2023: $1,000,000 salary and $8 million signing bonus
2023-24: $1,000,000 salary and $10.25 million signing bonus
2024-25: $1,000,000 salary and $10.25 million signing bonus
2025-26: $1,000,000 salary and $10.25 million signing bonus
2026-2027: $1,000,000 salary and $9 million signing bonus
2027-28: $1,000,000 salary and $7.75 million signing bonus
2028-2029: $1,000,000 salary and $6.5 million signing bonus
2029-30: $1,000,000 salary and $6 million signing bonus

At the moment, there are now trading points for the new Matej Tkachuk expansion. Thanks PuckPedia as always.

The eight-year agreement provides for a complete ban on relocation in years 2-8. Now, in the last two years, a 16-team no-trade clause has also been added.

Salary calculation for Patrick Laine deal

Capfriendlin: Salary breakdown of Patrick Laine’s four-year, $34.8 million contract with Columbus Blue Jackets

2022-2023: $5,500,000 salary with $2 million signing bonus
2023-2024: $7,100,000 salary with $2 million signing bonus
2024-2025: $7,100,000 salary with $2 million signing bonus
2025-26: $7,100,000 salary with $2 million signing bonus

The contract again includes a modified no-trade clause with a ten-team no-trade list for the final three years of the deal.

Some quick news and notes

Capfriendly: With the latest transfers, there are now a total of nine teams over the salary cap. Three more teams have less than $1 million left in salary cap space. It belongs to them Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiensand St. Louis Blues.

Florida’s just over $3.375 million in salary cap space isn’t even the worst, not the worst. Washington is more than $6 million over the cap and Tampa Bay is nearly $7.2 million. Moves can be made, but those are still big numbers.

Pierre-Luc Dubois accepts a qualifying offer on Friday

CBC: Winnipeg Jets forward Pierre-Luc Dubois accepted his one-year qualifying offer from the Jets for $6 million on Friday. He said he will test free agency in 2024, but is under team control until then.

Gabriel Vilardi signed a one-year deal with Los Angeles on Saturday

LA Kings Insider’s Jared Shafran: Gabriel Vilardi signed a one-year, $825,000 contract with the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday. In addition, Jarrett Anderson-Dolan signed a one-year, $750,000 deal. Vilardi’s tender is a one-way contract, while Dolan’s is a two-way contract.

A few more two-way signings in the League

Matthew Phillips of Calgary and Trey Fix-Wolanski of the Columbus Blue Jackets. both signed one-year, two-way contracts over the weekend. Philips and Fix-Wolansky could be knocking on the door of NHL teams this fall.

NHL News – Salary Breakdown for Matthew Tkachuk, Laine, and More

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