Poke the staff. Updated on September 20, 2022

Devastating news that former Culture Minister Nadine Dorries has deleted her Twitter account.

The Conservative MP has been a reliable source of unintentional humor and is rumored to be heading to the House of Lords in a turn quite worthy of the times we live in.

And what better way to celebrate the end @NadineDorries than with these 23 most memorable palms and mistakes. Not all of them were on her Twitter, but they were all pinned on Twitter, and, well, that’s quite a roll call.

1. This is the whole BBC Breakfast interview


2. When it looked like she was rowing a boat on Sky News


3. This wonderful meeting with Krishan Guru-Murthy on Channel 4 News

4. When she seemed to know little about digital technology, culture, media or sports


5. When she tweeted about World War 11 after the Conservatives lost the by-election


6. When she “heard a noise outside” and it happened

7. When she did that rap about internet safety


8. When she admitted to sharing her Netflix account

9. When she mocked Labor MP Wes Streeting for mistaking a Nadine Dorries parody for the real thing.


10. When she was so sure wrong about Channel 4

11. When she thought the Internet was 10 years old



12. When she appointed the new (and short-lived) appointed chancellor in this manner.


Nadine Dorries deleted her Twitter account but never forget these 23 facepalms and foul-ups

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