The mother of a murdered schoolgirl has told how internet trolls threatened to kill her other children.

Pamela Monroe, 39, lost her daughter Paige Doherty, 15, in 2016 when she was stabbed to death by a store owner.

Mum-of-seven Pamela received anonymous messages saying her other children should ‘kill themselves’.

Another called for “killing” her family Facebook page of the charity she created, Page’s Promise, in memory of her daughter.

Page was murdered by twisted John Lytham in his deli in March 2016 in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, who was jailed for a minimum of 23 years.

A charity runs self-defence classes on her behalf and offers respite care to victims’ families.

Pamela, from Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire, said: “The messages my family regularly receive are horrific.

“I was told that my children were ugly, that they should be hit by a bus, that they deserved to die like Paige.

Pamela Munro, the mother of 15-year-old Paige Doherty, who was murdered by shopkeeper John Leetham, speaks outside the High Court in Glasgow in 2016.

Paige Doherty

John Lytham

Murdered 15-year-old Paige Doherty (left) and her evil convicted killer John Lytham (right)

“Every time I post on my daughter’s charity page, I get a series of horrible messages about myself or my children.

“The comments come from anonymous accounts and cannot be easily identified.

“As a family we have been through so much since Paige was taken from us.

“I don’t know why any sane person would decide to try to hurt people who have already been through so much.

“We just want the messages to stop, forever.

“I tell my kids to ignore them and rise above them, but of course they’re young and what they’re reading is a terrible influence.

“We are a strong family and this will not break us, but it is incredibly difficult to deal with.

“I want to see tougher new laws to catch and punish people who send insults online.

Paige Doherty and her mother Pamela Monroe smile happily together before the murder

Paige Doherty and her mother Pamela Monroe smile happily together before the murder

Pamela Munro outside St Margaret's Church in Clydebank after Paige's funeral in 2016

Pamela Munro outside St Margaret’s Church in Clydebank after Paige’s funeral in 2016

“Now it’s too easy to hide behind a computer screen and not be responsible for what you write.

“It’s time to do something to introduce proper deterrence.

“If people knew they were going to face the full weight of the law, they would think twice before hitting the send button.

“Everything has to change.

“There must be better ways to protect victims of crime and hold these people accountable — and punish them when their identities are revealed.

“Social media companies themselves need to find better ways to control their platforms.”

She recently welcomed baby Kylo, ​​aged one, and said the family will make sure he knows about his big sister.

Pamela added: “Paige would love Kailo.

“She was such a caring girl and would have loved to be a big sister and watch her siblings grow up, but Lytham has robbed us all of that.

“We will make sure he grows up knowing how special his big sister was.”

Monica Lennon, Labour’s Central Scotland representative, said the behavior of violent internet trolls could no longer go unchallenged.

She said: “As the use of the internet and digital technology in society is unfortunately on the rise, so too is abusive behavior online – and this abuse must be stopped.

“There are too many online trolls who cause pain and grief and I am extremely appalled that Paige Doherty’s mother has been victimized in this way.

“The individuals responsible for this are pathetic cowards and should be ashamed of themselves.

“Such behavior can have a serious impact on the mental health of the alleged victim and that should not go unchallenged.”

Russell Findlay MSP, Scottish Conservative shadow security minister, said: “After losing their beloved daughter to murder, Paige Doherty’s family are being subjected to vile and merciless online abuse.

“No family should have to suffer through this kind of poisoning and I would urge Police Scotland to do everything they can to identify those responsible and bring them to justice, which will no doubt deter others.

“These trolls are inadequate cowards who can easily hide their identity, which is why the UK government’s online safety bill is so important, as it will force social media companies to stop anonymous users from spreading hate…”

A Police Scotland spokesman added: “If you become aware of someone engaging in illegal or threatening behavior online, please report it to the police.”

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