THE KING is reportedly planning a “less expensive” coronation ceremony than his mother’s and a “reduced” working-class monarchy due to Britain’s cost of living crisis.

A royal source claims the new monarch’s coronation will be “shorter, smaller and cheaper” than the Queen’s 1953 ceremony.

A source said: “The King is well aware of the struggles that British people feel today, so he will ensure that his wishes are carried out, and while his coronation ceremony must remain correct and true to the long traditions of the past, it must also represent the monarchy in today’s world.” .

A date for the ceremony has not yet been announced, but royal insiders have told Politicalite that it will take place in June 2023.

HRH Charles is also in favor of an “orderly or reduced monarchy” and could reduce the number of members of the royal family.

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“He has already spoken about his desire to carry on his mother’s legacy, and that includes continuing to understand what people are feeling on a day-to-day basis,” the royal source added.

According to a poll commissioned by the Daily Express, the move has strong public support.

About 65% of respondents supported the idea, and only 7% were against it.

The Queen’s death marks a huge moment for members of the Royal Family as they take on new roles, titles and responsibilities.

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The Express reports that the number of members of the royal family could be reduced to seven, and it is likely to be the king, the queen consort, the duke and duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge, the princess royal and the earl and countess of Wessex.

The newspaper’s poll of 2,351 Britons also found that reducing the cost of the monarchy was the second most important royal priority after supporting environmental issues.

The king is understood to have flown to Scotland on Tuesday with the queen consort to mourn in private as the royal family continues its period of mourning for the late monarch.

Charles decreed on September 9, the day after the Queen’s death after a reign of 70 years, that a period of mourning would be observed for up to seven days after the funeral.

Plans for his first diplomatic trip outside the UK as king are focused on France rather than Commonwealth countries, according to a report in The Daily Telegraph.

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The newspaper reports that no plan has been formed, but writes that the trip across the English Channel is seen as an opportunity to build relations with Europe.

The Queen was buried alongside the Duke of Edinburgh on Monday evening in a private service attended by the King and the Royal Family, which followed her state funeral at Westminster Abbey and a service at Windsor.

Buckingham Palace said the stone inscription in the ledger in the George VI Memorial Chapel now contains the names of the Queen, her parents and Philip, along with their birth and death years.

The stone bears in list form ‘George VI 1895-1952’ and ‘Elizabeth 1900-2002’, followed by a metal Star of the Garter, followed by ‘Elizabeth II 1926-2022’ and ‘Philip 1921-2021’.

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MODERN MONARCH: King plans ‘slimmed down coronation and monarchy’ amid cost-of-living crisis

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