A former health secretary has said the government is considering ordering the culling of all domestic cats in Britain in 2020 over fears they could spread Covid. “There was a time when it was very unclear to us whether pets could transmit the disease,” Lord Bethel said Channel 4 news. “In fact, at one point there was an idea that we might have to ask the public to cull all the cats in Britain. Can you imagine what would happen if we wanted to do that?”

Drink “Thousands of Wines” to boost your immunity

We should drink “thousands of varieties of wine” to boost immunity and improve mental health, an expert has said. A guilty explosion podcast Professor Tim Spector from King’s College London said wine is good for improving gut health and increasing the number of healthy bacteria living in the body. “Don’t just stick to the same wine, try hundreds or thousands of different grapes that we don’t normally like,” he said.

Scream costume causes panic in California

A man in the clothes of a killer Scream franchise caused several calls to California emergency services, according to UPI. The Sonoma Police Department said it received several 911 calls Monday morning about a person standing on a street corner near Sonoma Plaza dressed in a horror costume. Reassuring local residents in a Facebook post, the department said: “This individual has been contacted and hired by a company through Paramount to promote a new Scream film”.

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