A MCDONALDS restaurant is said to be offering workers a £500 sign bonus amid reports no one wants to work for them.

The office in Sydney, Australia, was forced to turn to cash incentives amid the country’s ongoing acute labor shortage.


McDonalds workers are being offered £500 bonusesAuthor: Alamy
The company has admitted it is experiencing staff shortages at its Australian stores


The company has admitted it is experiencing staff shortages at its Australian storesAuthor: PA: Press Association

In accordance with 9Newsthe bonus sign wasn’t universal, but franchises were given the opportunity to get creative with recruiting methods during tough times.

A spokesman for the Chatsword-based restaurant later confirmed the bonus was no longer available to workers, but hinted the chain was still struggling to find staff in some areas.

“McDonald’s has more than 8,000 jobs across the country for staff, management, barista and maintenance,” they said.

“Our restaurants are actively recruiting and looking for people of all ages and experience levels to start a career at McDonald’s.

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“McDonald’s offers flexible working hours and excellent training and development initiatives, including opportunities for employees to gain recognized external qualifications in retail, hospitality and catering.”

The fast-food chain is not the only organization struggling to find workers amid Australia’s staff shortage.

Mining companies of the country offered a job with a starting salary of £80,000 and signing bonuses of £7,000 in an attempt to find staff.

Among the jobs available are auto electricians in Queensland, which can start with a salary of almost £80,000 ($140,000).

Job offers also include automation engineers, metallurgists and geologists – all earning between £57,000 and £73,000.

And some other companies offer a 7,000 pound ($10,000) sign-up bonus and a 3,000 pound ($5,000) referral bonus.

And the Australian MP has interceded for the fruit pickers to step forward to sort this season’s great harvest.

Anne Webster MP described the shortage of staff willing to take on £4,000-a-month jobs as a “tragedy in the making”.

Ripe fruits rot on the ground due to a lack of labor – and this can cost the country millions.

The shortage was mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and border closures, which caused tourists to leave the country in droves.

In a bid to avert disaster last January, the government set up a scheme to attract locals – worth up to $6,000 (£3,300) for Australian workers and up to $2,000 (£1,100) for overseas jobseekers.

But retailers are still struggling to find staff so hard that some companies are now at risk of financial collapse, the national retail body has warned.

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According to the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), recruitment has worsened over the year – and companies have even started using a workforce of retirees.

That has sparked calls for the federal government to ease income restrictions on retirees, which could fill a critical labor shortage.


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