The investigation is ongoing, but the nature of the incident has not yet been confirmed. Police officers have cordoned off a section of Broadbent Road near Kingsland School to block access to residents in the area. The strip is also on nearby Pearse Street.

The woman told the MEN: “They saw a car leaving at high speed. I got a good scare. Friday night I was just getting high and this happened.

“As you can imagine, it was packed when someone came in and shouted about it, and the next minute there was all this noise. It happened in a matter of seconds.”

The man said: “I was coming home from work and around 6:30 I saw a large armed response. I’ve heard different stories. The police have been here for a while. There were three small police cars, a van and one armed response vehicle.’

Several residents are outside watching as the investigation continues and the road remains closed.

Another resident, from nearby Jowett Street, said: “I heard a bang, we thought it was a car to be honest. It was very loud.”

Greater Manchester Police have been contacted but no incident report has yet been made.


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