The remains of Ashley Walsh, 34, were recovered from suitcases at the park more than a week after he was last seen by his girlfriend. Mr Walsh went for a drink with his friend Evitt and McGlucken. Evitt hit Mr Walsh on the head with a hammer on Friday, January 7, after an argument at McGlucken’s flat in Collihurst.

Two cousins, Aaron Evitt and Gerard McGlucken, are now facing life sentences for the murder. McGlucken, 45, who was fueled by cocaine, admitted stabbing Mr Walsh and then brutally dismembering him before stuffing his remains into rubbish bags and carrying them to a nearby park in four suitcases.

Members of Mr Walsh’s family wore purple jumpers in his memory during the sentencing, This is reported by the Manchester Evening News.

Mr Walsh has been reported missing by his family.

Manchester Crown Court heard his remains were only found after Evitt broke down in custody and told police: “This has gone on too long. You will need a van. I need to show you where he is.’

He led officers to Sand Hills Park in Collyhurst, a five-minute walk from McGlucken’s flat, the scene of the murder.

A pathologist examined Mr Walsh’s remains following the shocking discovery. A post-mortem examination revealed that Mr Walsh had been “dismembered through the neck, mid-torso, both forearms close to the shoulders, both upper thighs and the left lower leg”.

Suspicions were raised about Evitt and McGlucken after they were seen on CCTV with Mr Walsh’s dog Duke, as the pair were “inseparable”. Two cousins ​​were arrested and both charged with murder. They both pleaded guilty to preventing a lawful burial, but denied murder. Evitt told jurors there was a fight at McGlucken’s flat after Mr Walsh told Evitt he had slept with his ex-girlfriend.

He said the pair exchanged blows and claimed Mr Walsh hit him with a hammer. Evitt said he punched Mr Walsh and then armed himself with a hammer and hit him on the head with it, causing him to fall.

Evitt, who was “very drunk,” said he passed out. He claimed that when he woke up Mr Walsh was gone.

McGlucken admitted at trial that he had “beheaded and dismembered” Mr Walsh. He also admitted stabbing him but claimed he thought Mr Walsh was dead when he stabbed him.

When asked why he dismembered the body, McGlucken, who identified Evitt as his nephew, said: “To get rid of him. I had to get rid of him to protect my nephew.”

He explained in gruesome detail how he “dismembered” Mr Walsh’s body using a samurai sword, kitchen knives, a hammer and an electric saw.

Evitt, of Brentnor Road, Moston, and McGlucken, of Kintor Walk, Collyhurst, were both unanimously convicted of murder. They will be sentenced tomorrow.


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