Liz Truss said rising electricity bills were a “price worth paying” to ensure Britain’s long-term security.

The prime minister clarified that it will not tell Britons to ration their energy this winter, despite Russian President Vladimir Putin’s curbs on gas supplies to Europe, causing prices to soar.

Mrs. Truss put there is a £2,500 electricity bill cap plan in place which will take billions of pounds in loans.

She told reporters traveling with her to a United Nations summit in New York that Britain “cannot compromise our security for cheap energy”.

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“My point is that this is a price worth paying for Britain because our long-term security is paramount,” she added.

“But what I don’t want is for that to be passed on to the bill payers outside of this energy guarantee that I’ve outlined, because I don’t think that’s right.”

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Unlike French President Emmanuel Macronwhich called for a 10% reduction in energy consumption, Mrs. Truss said it would not tell consumers how to use their energy in the winter.

She told reporters: “No, it’s not about energy rationing.

“Of course I’m always in favor of energy efficiency measures like insulating homes, it makes sense and energy prices are higher than they have been.

“There is a strong incentive for businesses and households to invest in energy efficiency, but we have reliable energy supplies, but ultimately it’s up to everyone to make their own decisions about how they choose to do that.”

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