Indsay Lohan restored a family photo taken in London more than 20 years ago while filming his first movie, The Parent Trap.

The 36-year-old actress posted two pictures in which she poses with her younger brother, Dakota Lohan. Parliament Squareopposite st Ladies parliament.

In the older photo, she is carrying her smiling little brother, and in the last one, he is carrying her.

“Now and then. #TheParentTrap #bffs,” Lohan captioned the photo.

The 1998 film marked the child actress’ breakthrough role, playing estranged twin sisters Hallie Parker and Annie James, the latter of whom lives in British capital.

It was a critical success and helped launch Lohan’s acting career.

She’s also known for other classic naughties, including Mean Girls, Plague Friday, Herbie Full Load, and Confessions of a Teen Drama Queen.

It was reported that Lohan recently married financier Bader Shammas after getting engaged last November.


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