RuPaul’s Drag Race “Mistress” season 15 star Isabelle Brooks has denied claims she forced producers to save her from lip-syncing by throwing tantrums and refusing to perform.

The Queen of Texas β€” and one of the fan favorites for the Season 15 crown β€” has avoided the bottom two so far, meaning she hasn’t had to lip-sync her entire life.

But after a terrible performance during the interview competition in series 10, she skated dangerously to the bottom.

Drag Race graduate and chief instigator, Willam spilling (allegedly) tea during the conversation at Drag Race podcast summary, Chase raceMr. along with her co-host and All stars 2 winner of the Alaska Thunderf**k 5000, claiming that mistress Isabelle Brooks threw a “giant tantrum”.

“They wanted to [Malaysia] to be sent home [by Mistress]because the Mistress threw a giant tantrum and said into her microphone:I don’t know the wordsI’m going home, Malaysia will dance circles around me,’ and told the producers that she wouldn’t do anything lip-syncing, just stand there.”

Mistress Isabelle Brooks has now hit back at the claims via Twitter, noting that “no member decides anything on the production side,” in a reference to her alleged tantrum.

β€œWhat I REALLY said was…encourage Malaysia to dance, bare it all and put on a show…we didn’t want to lip sync to each other. We became so close at that moment.”

β€œDo you really think I’m going to just stand there? Be real,” Mistress Isabelle Brooks wrote after hitting out at the claims.

Some fans pointed this out, as well as Willam, who mentioned the moment Race ChaserMalaysia Babydoll Fox also touched on this during an appearance at Roscoe’s Tavern in Chicago, a gay bar that regularly hosts Drag Race side view.

“Mistress said she was in a dress and it would be hard to lip sync, but Mistress had a whole fit that was edited out and she said, ‘I’ll be standing there in one place and you better dance around me, bitch.’ .

Fans continue to speculate as to who the said “anonymous source” is.

Hostess Isabelle Brooks then responded to Malaysia’s statement by suggesting that the person who leaked the information was the same person who “couldn’t even clap.” [for MIB] during lalaporosis [sic]”.

Then she confirmed that it was not a contestant Marcia Marcia Marciaas she is “minding her own business” and that she is still friends with Willam.

Host Isabelle Brooks concluded that if she had to lip sync, she would be willing to do it.

“If any of you will notice, when we get back to the runway after stripping, I had the dolls in my hands ready to DESTROY the lip sync.”

Lover Isabelle Brooks is still in the competition for the crown season 15along with Luxx Noir London, Anetra, Sasha Colby, Loosey Laduca and Salina EsTitties.

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Drag Race’s Mistress Isabelle Brooks denies claim she threw a ‘giant tantrum’ to avoid lip syncing

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