Labour-run Lambeth Council accused of ‘grotesque speculation’ on LTN after slapping drivers with £22m in fines in a year

  • South East London Council issued a whopping 183,192 fines
  • Low Traffic Area (LTN) fines cost drivers £120 – or £65 if paid within 14 days
  • Lambeth could raise a huge maximum of £21,983,040 in just one year
  • One Lambeth company described the council’s reasonable fine as ‘grotesque’

A London A council was today accused of “grotesque speculation” after figures revealed it is set to collect £22m from low traffic area (LTN) fines in one year.

Officers in Lambeth, south-east London, handed out 183,192 fines in the last 12 months.

With fines worth £120 – or £65 if they were paid within a fortnight – it means the maximum Lambeth council could have collected is a whopping £21,983,040.

Alternatively, if every driver had paid the levy on time, the council would have been just under £12m better off over the period, Telegraph informed.

Lambeth Council (Brixton HQ pictured) handed out 183,192 penalty charges last year

Labor won 58 of the 63 council seats in May’s county elections, followed by the Lib Dems and the Greens.

The Conservatives went from one to none.

Figures show that drivers across London have received more than 750,000 fines – or 80 every hour – after being caught on cameras monitoring the controversial schemes.

Some motorists have been trapped several times while driving on streets they have been able to use freely for years.

Damaged neighborhood infrastructure in Hackney earlier this year

Damaged neighborhood infrastructure in Hackney earlier this year

More than 300 car-free zones have been established or are under development across the UK in the past two years.

The schemes include opening cycle lanes, wider pavements and closing streets to cars.

They are reinforced with warning signs and CCTV cameras.

A spokesman for campaigners against LTN One Lambeth told The Telegraph: “It is an awful lot of money.

“People are struggling to pay bills, on strike over low wages, struggling with fuel costs, so fines in such a serious climate are a bit grotesque.

“It’s an abuse of power in a situation where people are experiencing financial hardship.”

A Lambeth Council spokesman said: “LTNs work to reduce through traffic, reduce vehicle speeds and reduce road hazards. In our car-poor neighborhood, they also help close health inequalities.

“Drivers who have been fined are breaking the rules. We expect the number of fines to decrease as more people choose green modes of transport and those who have to drive follow the rules.”


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