Extensive testing and research of the new DCA has revealed “groundbreaking features and security” from an “advanced data collection agent,” according to independent analysts

London, UK – MPS Monitor®, the company that develops and distributes a leading SaaS platform for remote monitoring and management of printers and MFPs, today announced that its new data collection agent DCA 4 has been thoroughly tested and reviewed by independent Keypoint Intelligence laboratories. As a result of comprehensive testing, the MPS Monitor DCA 4 was awarded the Buyers Lab (BLI) Award of Excellence. Full details of the testing can be found in the White Paper Report, which is available here.

Keypoint Intelligence analysts and lab technicians have conducted extensive testing and research. This included both hands-on lab tests and a review of third-party security tests that MPS Monitor conducted with the help of specialist security firms before and after the initial release of DCA 4.

The result of the analysis proves the quality, security and wealth of features in DCA 4, and highlights the improvements that MPS Monitor has implemented in its core DCA technology, making it “an advanced data collection agent capable of tackling the worst security threats and providing effective, simple and versatile data collection“.

Keypoint Intelligence has already successfully tested several previous versions of MPS Monitor’s DCA (then called eXplorer 3). The most recent testing sessions were conducted in 2020 as part of testing the entire MPS Monitor platform, resulting in Platinum rating and in a Safety Compliance Mark. The overall security posture of the platform was also the subject of extensive analysis carried out in 2021, leading to the release of a special Managed Print Services Platform Security White Paper.

The DCA 4 announcement in March 2022 marked another milestone in the platform’s journey to deliver the highest level of innovation, integration and security in the managed print services industry; therefore, MPS Monitor and Keypoint Intelligence decided to conduct specialized testing to assess the impact of the new DCA 4 technology on the value proposition of the entire platform.

The test results are detailed in the White Paper, which includes a comprehensive overview of new features such as real-time communication, optimized device discovery, device web access and the recent PaperCut integration. The report also describes numerous security enhancements and details the external code review and penetration testing carried out by ECSC Group plc to ensure that DCA 4 meets the highest security requirements and does not contain exploitable or high-risk vulnerabilities.

Commenting on the testing results, Nicola De Blasi, CEO of MPS Monitor, said: “As has happened many times in the past, Keypoint Intelligence’s testing methodology once again provides independent and reliable recognition of the efforts and investments our company makes to remain at the top of the market in providing exceptional and secure IoT technology for remote control of printing devices. Over the past 12 years, MPS Monitor’s DCA has been installed in more than half a million customer networks and is currently used by thousands of dealers to manage more than 1.2 million print devices in 60 countries. We are very pleased to see DCA 4 perform so well and live up to expectations during testing. What’s more, we’ve already received extremely positive feedback from all dealers who are successfully installing thousands of DCA 4s to their customers every day.”

The full BLI report from Keypoint Intelligence is available for download hereand DCA 4 can be downloaded through the MPS Monitor portal.

Keypoint Intelligence validates quality of MPS Monitor’s new DCA 4, and honours it with a BLI Outstanding Achievement Award

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