Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch has been knocked out of the Conservative leadership race in today’s round of voting.

A spokesperson for her campaign said following the vote: “Kemi started this campaign less than two weeks ago. Today she finished fourth in a very competitive race for the lead.

“This is a great achievement and shows support for her honest politics and vision for change for the country and the Conservative Party. Thanks to everyone who supported her.”

Badenach received 59 votes, including one more.

Liz Truss finished third with 86 votes and 15 fans.

Penny Mordaunt received 92 votes, 10 more than supporters.

Rishi Sunak took the first place with 118 votes of deputies, an increase of 3 points.

Mordaunt and Truss will now battle for support ahead of a vote that will decide Sunac’s rival for members’ votes.

Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Tugendhat, who was eliminated from the race yesterday, congratulated Badenoch on her campaign: “I’m very sorry that my friend Kemi Badenoch has dropped out of the leadership race. She brought courage and substance to the arguments and will add to the future of the UK government.”

Tras supporters point to the number of MP votes she won in today’s contest.

Dehenna Davison, MP for Bishop Auckland, tweeted: “Momentum is firmly on the side of @trussliz! #LizForLeader.”

Minister of International Development Anne-Marie Trevelyan, who supported Tom Tugendhat, who spoke for her predecessortweet:

“Glad to support #LizForleader and encourage colleagues to vote her into the final two and members.”

She was critical of Mordant, complaining that other ministry staff had to “pick up the pieces” for months as her attention turned to a possible leadership bid.

Kemi Badenoch out of Tory race

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