Titanic returns to theaters this year to honor its 25th anniversarybut fans can’t seem to wrap their heads around the film’s new ― and unintentionally confusing ― promotional work.

A completely remastered edition of the 1997 blockbuster starring the main characters Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winsletwill hit theaters on February 10th, and in honor of the event, Paramount Pictures promulgated brand new poster featuring the actors as star-crossed lovers Jack and Rose who meet aboard a doomed ocean liner in 1912.

In the image, however, Rose appears to be wearing a combination of two hairstyles, seemingly taken from different parts of the film.

On the left side, she appears with an elaborate hairstyle, as befits the character’s first-class status. But on the right, her hair appears to be loose, as it was worn during Jack’s sketch session and during the sinking of the ship.

Reaction to the image on social media this week has been lukewarm at best…

While many felt the poster was a poor example of photo editing, others suggested it was a deliberate choice to convey Rose the nature of the sheet throughout the movie.

“It represents the duality of her needing to reflect her role in society and the life she wants to have, free, with Jack,” one person tweeted.

Another one added: “This is to show her two sides in the film. From boarding as a wealthy first class passenger to how things change when she meets Jack and the new life he introduces her to.’

It remains to be seen if Paramount will steer clear of the hair discourse by changing the poster. As of Thursday, the image was still included in the press kit that was distributed to the media.

Directed by James Cameron, Titanic was a critical flop won 11 Academy Awardsincluding for the best film.

Grossing $2.2 billion worldwide, it became the highest-grossing film of all time, a record it held until Cameron’s avatar claimed the award in 2010.


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