Jersey / Tallinn / London JT IoT, the Perwyn-backed Jersey-based global IoT Connectivity player, announces the acquisition of Top Connect, an international MVNO and global roaming provider. The acquisition of this IoT and roaming provider and its expert team will accelerate JT IoT’s plan to build a stronger global IoT ecosystem and expand into new markets and use cases.

Top Connect is an Estonian connectivity player with 25 years of experience successfully serving more than 100 international customers and distributors. With its own core infrastructure and a wide range of connectivity providers, Top Connect will provide important diversification to the JT IoT portfolio.

Graham Millar, CEO of JT IoT, said: “We are very pleased to welcome Top Connect to the family. The acquisition of Top Connect provides significant growth opportunities for both of our businesses through an enhanced service offering for our customers. Mutual access to new markets, products and people will add significantly enhanced capabilities for the JT IoT and Top Connect teams.”

This was announced by the CEO of Top Connect company Vladislav Sobolev: “We are very excited to join the JT IoT team. By combining our engineering expertise, core infrastructures and vendor agreements with the JT IoT connectivity platform, we can drive innovation and create real value for all of our global IoT customers.”

said Mark Blower, partner at Perwyn: “Top Connect will bring the right expertise and services that we aim to add to the JT IoT portfolio to provide businesses around the world with scalable and reliable IoT connectivity. This acquisition will continue to strengthen our international growth, helping us to realize the ambitious goals we have set for 2022.”

The combined business will serve more than 500 enterprises and government organizations worldwide and manage more than 10 million IoT connections.

JT IoT expands global IoT expert team by acquiring Top Connect

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