The classified documents have been found at a location linked to Joe Biden, after an investigation was launched into the discovery of yet another cache of White House files on a separate site.

The new find was reported for the first time by v NBC Newsfollowing reports earlier this week that classified documents were discovered in November in a private office used by Biden in Washington after his vice presidency. The latest cache was found by his aides, the website said, but the “classification level, quantity and exact location” of the documents “were not immediately clear.”

The dispute over the files is “a growing political embarrassment for the White House,” he said BBC. According to the terms of Art Law on presidential administration, the documents of the president and vice president must be kept in the National Archives. After the first stash was found, Biden said he was “surprised to learn” of their existence and was “fully cooperating” with the Justice Department’s investigation.

The president described Donald Trump as “irresponsible” afterwards secret documents were found during the FBI raid on the former US leader’s Mar-a-Lago resort and residence in Florida.

But now Republicans trying to draw a “false equivalency” with Trump’s revelations have “fresh ammunition,” he said. Guardian.

“Biden’s many defenders in the US media will be quick to refute any suggestion that their man is as reckless or dangerous” as Trump, Freddie Gray wrote for Spectator. But “this latest ‘secret files’ story is ‘catnip for dark Republican theories’ about the former president’s ‘real motives’ for prosecuting the documents.”

Trump was quick to strike back. In a post on his social media site Truth Social, he asked: “When is the FBI going to raid many of Joe Biden’s homes, maybe even the White House?”

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