The Irish skeleton was “granted privacy,” he said The Times. The 7ft 7in skeleton of Charles Byrne, the 18th-century ‘Irish Giant’, will not be on display at the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons of England, nearly 250 years after Byrne said he did not want it to be used by anatomists. “If anything,” the newspaper writes, “the exhibition has ‘self-cancelled’.” However, it is believed that students will be allowed to see the skeleton in private.

A man broke the record for the number of thrown sausage rolls

An Idaho resident broke the world record for the farthest throw and catching a sausage roll in his mouth. “What I didn’t foresee was how a 19-gram, irregularly shaped object would fly through the air,” said David Rush, who has held more than 250 Guinness World Records for promoting STEM education. “I’ve been missing a sausage roll all the time.” However, it is reported UPIhe managed to catch a sausage roll 83 feet 10 inches, doubling the previous record of 36 feet 1 inch.

The magazine may reveal the secrets of the wreck

Historians hope a log recovered from the wreck of HMS Erebus could “lead to many revelations” about the fate of its doomed crew, said CBC. HMS Erebus and her sister ship the Terror were trapped by arctic sea ice in the far north of Canada in the 1840s. Crews who abandoned their ships and tried to reach safety on land are believed to have turned to cannibalism to survive. Parks Canada diver Ryan Harris said the leather-bound magazine was “one of the great finds of the summer.”

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