Update: July 2022

The post office launched st Historical deficit chart 1 May 2020 and invited applications from current and former postmasters who have experienced deficiencies related to the Horizon IT system.

If you have previously been bankrupt and have made a claim under the Historical Deficiency Scheme, the Official Receiver will contact you as soon as an offer of compensation has been received from the Historical Deficit Scheme’s independent advisory group.

The government has announced interim payments for those who were part of the Group Litigation Order (GLO). As soon as more details become known, the official receiver or your trustee will contact the previously bankrupt people.

The Court of Appeal and the Crown Court overturned the convictions of a number of former postmasters who were prosecuted using evidence from the Post Office’s Horizon IT system, which is now known to have been untrustworthy.

The Post Office has contacted postmasters it previously prosecuted to help them potentially appeal their convictions if they choose.

We are also aware that in some cases Post Office Limited declared postal managers bankrupt, which may have been the result of financial discrepancies misreported by Horizon’s IT system.

Moreover, due to the financial impact of the situation, some postmasters may have filed for bankruptcy or filed for bankruptcy with a judge’s office.

The Official Trustee, acting as trustee/ex officio trustee in bankruptcy, is currently conducting an investigation to identify these cases to determine whether these bankruptcy orders should be reviewed.

If you have been declared bankrupt / arbitrated or sequestered since 2000, lived in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland and believe you have been affected by the Horizon discrepancies, contact the Insolvency Service via Horizoncases@insolvency.gov.uk.

Please make sure you have provided the following information:

  • full name;
  • Date of birth;
  • contact details;
  • the court/bankruptcy number associated with your bankruptcy (if applicable);
  • where a bankruptcy/judge or sequestration order has been made, eg England/Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland; and
  • a brief overview of how you were affected.

Please note if an insolvency practitioner has been appointed as your bankruptcy trustee or you have been subject to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), please direct any inquiries to the appointed insolvency practitioner.

If you are currently subject to a debt relief order and are within the 12-month moratorium, contact the official receiver dealing with your case.

If you have been subject to a bankruptcy/sequestration order in Scotland or Northern Ireland, we will pass your information on to the relevant authorities in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

If you have previously contacted us regarding this matter via the above mailbox, please note that we are currently working on the inquiries received and you will receive a response in due course.


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