This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby called her lawyers over the row (Image: ITV)

On Saturday, Holly Willoughby spoke to lawyers about the “harmful” allegations she and her co-stars have faced This morning leading Philip Schofield the line jumped up to see the queen lying down.

Ever since Willoughby and Schofield there has been a buzz pictured inside Westminster Hall last week to honor them without participating in the public queue.

Although the couple insisted in a statement on their ITV show so that they don’t skip aheadonline petition calling for their destruction more than 30,000 people signed up from the television.

“Holly had to call in her lawyers over the weekend to present this false, very damaging story,” a source told The Sun.

However, understands that Willoughby has not retained a full-time lawyer.

It was initially reported that there were fears that Willoughby, who is said to be devastated by the situation, would quit This Morning amid the media storm.

However, it has since been argued that it will not go anywhere.

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Willoughby and co-star Philip Schofield visited Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin (Picture: ITV)
The couple insisted they were not jumping the queue to see the Queen lying down in celebration (Image: Rex)

An insider said: “She has been devastated by all the backlash after she turned up to work at Westminster Hall with Phil on Friday but she is not going to quit.

“This Morning has been her life for over a decade and the only way she could consider coming out at this stage is if the audience really didn’t want her there.”

They are added to The Sun: “She tried to give their side of the story on the show tonight, and they’re both hoping to move on from that.

“Boss know that Holly continues to be popular with viewers and look forward to her long-term commitment to the series.”

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An ITV source added: “We made it clear at the time that it was part of the broadcast that would air on Tuesday. This was communicated from the beginning and we provided this information immediately.

“There was no crisis discussion or talk about Holly not being on This Morning moving forward.

Willoughby and Schofield addressed the backlash on This Morning during the controversial tribute to the Queen, saying they were not taking anyone’s place in the queue.

“The rules were that we were escorted quickly around the edges to the platform at the back,” Willoughby explained.

“In contrast, those paying their respects walked along the carpeted area next to the coffin and had time to pause.

“None of the journalists or broadcasters there took anyone’s place in line, and no one walked past the Queen.”

She continued: “We have of course respected those rules, however we understand that it could have come across as something else and therefore fully understand the backlash. Please know that we will never jump the queue.”

However, this segment was not well received by viewers, with many questioning its purpose. has contacted a representative for Willougby for comment.

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Holly Willoughby called lawyers over ‘damaging’ queue jumping allegations

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