Gwyneth Paltrow responded to the backlash she faced after revealing her eating habits and fitness regime during a recent podcast interview.

Hollywood star faced criticism from dietitians and nutritionists after talking about how her daily habits include coffee, exercise for an hour, and then bone broth for lunch, followed by an early paleo dinner.

After her comments on Dr. Will Cole’s podcast The Art of Being Healthy went viral on social media, Gwyneth has now taken to her Instagram story to explain that she eats “a lot more than bone broth and vegetables” and she’s not sharing ” advice for no one”. otherwise”.

Revealing she was experiencing post-Covid symptoms, Gwyneth said: “This is someone I’ve been working with for over two years to deal with some chronic things.

“For me, that manifests as very high levels of inflammation over time, so I’ve been working with Dr. Cole to really focus on foods that don’t cause inflammation.”

The Sliding Doors star said she ate lots of “cooked vegetables, all kinds of protein” and “good carbs” to reduce inflammation.

Gwyneth insisted her regimen was tailored to her based on her own “medical findings” and “extensive testing” and it’s not something she would recommend to others.

She said: “It was a transparent conversation with me and my doctor. This should not be advice for anyone else. It really works for me and it’s been very empowering and very positive.”

The actor also said that the eating habits she talked about on the podcast were not consistent with the foods she eats every day.

“And by the way, I eat a lot more than bone broth and vegetables,” she said. “I eat whole foods and I also eat whatever I want most days. And they eat French fries and all that.”

She added: “My baseline was that I tried to eat healthy and eat foods that would really calm inflammation.”

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