Shares in Google parent Alphabet fell 9% this week after a botched demonstration of a new AI chatbot instantly wiped £100bn (£82bn) off its value.

Alphabet tweeted the video Bard, its recently announced competitor ChatGPTwhich he called a “launching pad for curiosity” that can simplify complex topics.

In the video, the bot was asked to tell a nine-year-old boy about James Webb’s space telescope and his discoveries.

Bard replied that it was the first telescope to image a planet outside Earth’s solar system. But astronomers were quick to point out that the feat was first achieved in 2004 with the Very Large Telescope.

“Why didn’t you check this example before you shared it?” Dr Chris Harrison from the University of Newcastle, answered to the tweet.

Google has been under pressure since late last year, he said BBCsupported by Microsoft OpenAI introduced by ChatGPT. Software “became a viral hit”according to the site, for helping people pass exams, write poems, come up with jokes and answer questions.

Microsoft announced this week that it will integrate ChatGPT into its Bing search engine, “which has lagged behind Google for years,” according to the BBC.

Google investors were apparently shocked by Bard’s demo because of the error and because they “were disappointed that Alphabet was unable to provide details on how it would compete with Microsoft in this area.” This is money said.

The sharp drop in Alphabet shares was directly reflected in the jump in the price of Microsoft shares, which rose by 3%.

The “expensive mistake” was caused by Google’s “rush” to catch up with Microsoft in the field of artificial intelligence chatbots. Quartz.

Google still has a huge advantage over Microsoft in terms of reach, tweeted Jim Phan, Artificial Intelligence Researcher at Nvidia. As of February 1, ChatGPT has built a user base of 100 million people, which, while impressive, falls far short of Google, whose search engine surpassed the 1 billion user mark a few years ago. “Unlike ChatGPT, Google does not need to engage users. It just needs to be expanded into the existing search box,” Fan said.

In any case, the competition between the two experimental chatbots will be, according to Fan, “a dance of the giants.”

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