It was a return to form for the Golden Globes last night, as Hollywood’s brightest stars hit the red carpet in their best after a year off the air.

Hollywood stars “returned in droves” to the Golden Globes, which were held behind closed doors last year after mired in controversy due to a lack of diversity and ethical flaws – despite fears that celebrities may avoid this year’s event, said BBC.

But those fears were quickly proved to be “unfounded,” the broadcaster said, with the nominees and guests “happy to pose for photos” as they walked the red carpet outside the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

The biggest winners of the night were his Steven Spielberg semi-autobiographical family drama The Fables, which also won him best director, Martin McDonagh’s Banshee of Inishreen, as well as Abbott’s hit comedy Elementor and prestige TV shows House of the Dragon and White Lotus.

It was Jennifer Coolidge, star of the satirical comedy “White Lotus” and winner of the Best Supporting Actress nomination, who became the “main topic of conversation” of the evening. Telegraph. Appearing to be “half the giddy, ridiculously expansive Tanya,” she opened up about her late arrival on the Hollywood A-list and thanked the show’s writer and creator Mike White for changing her life through being on the show.

“I just…really, I just want you all to know that I had such big dreams and expectations when I was young, but what happened was that life got in the way of them,” Coolidge said. She added: “Mike White, you gave me hope. You gave me a new beginning. Even if it’s the end, because you killed me, but even if it’s the end, you’ve changed my life in a million different ways.’

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