FUEL SAVING techniques are saving some drivers up to 3p per litre, with almost a third of drivers using them, according to new research.

The AA survey found rising petrol costs were partly offset by 31 per cent of drivers trying to cut their fuel bills with smart methods.


Fuel saving techniques are saving some drivers up to 3p per liter according to new research from the AAAuthor: Alamy

Motorists can drive at lower speeds overall and avoid frequent acceleration and deceleration.

While the price of gasoline rose to more than £100 a tank for some drivers, official figures show traffic is about the same as it was before the pandemic.

And AA fuel spokesman Luc Bosdet says motorists could save around 3p per liter by simply slowing down, keeping a steady speed and using other fuel saving methods.

Bosdet said: “We hope it takes root. It seems like common sense to the people who did it.

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“Having fuel outages on three occasions in the past year has probably helped these drivers figure out how to save fuel.”

A total of 77 percent drivers now had to take steps to afford to continue driving according to AA research.

Just over a quarter said they had started to combine their trips or cut back on shorter, non-essential trips, the report Telegraph.

Making a single round trip can also save fuel by avoiding the extra energy needed to warm up the engine.

Bosdet added: “If more people are comfortable leaving their cars in their driveways and going to the local shops and making those short journeys, then that’s a big and hopefully lasting plus from what’s happening with fuel. prices.

“Drivers are bombarded with advice like this, whether it’s to help the environment by using less fuel or it’s a matter of financial survival. Now they had to put it into practice.”

However, the fuel price crisis has had a limited impact on the shift to greener modes of transport, such as walking and cycling or public transport.

Only 2% of drivers said they switched to walking and cycling to save money on fuel, while 11% switched to public transport.

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Mr Bosde added: “For some journeys, people have no choice but to stick to the car.”

This is after one car expert shared his secrets how to save £190 at the gas station.


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