TikTok became the birthplace of cleaning hacks, beauty tips and new recipes to try. Some “hacks” gain worldwide recognition while others do not.

One cleaning hack that went viral in the social media app includes shaving foam.

A product commonly used to create smooth, stubble-free skin has gone viral on social media with videos showing it can be used to remove stains from car upholstery.

The creators of TikTok have jumped on the trend and garnering thousands of views with their before and after videos showing the impressive results of cleaning this bathroom cabinet item.

Argus Hack: Viral TikTok Can Damage Your Car SeatsViral TikTok hack can damage your car seats (Image: Canva)

But is this traditional bathroom product a reliable alternative to specific car washes?

Experts in Autotrader interviewed car cleaning and detailing specialist Ivan Lloyd Jones of Lloyd Jones Detailing to share his thoughts on the trend.

Ivan commented: “I would not use or recommend shaving gel as a quick fix for cleaning car upholstery. The shaving gel is designed specifically for shaving and nothing else.’

Repeated use of shaving gel on fabric can cause stains due to the mineral oils in the product, and mineral oil stains are some of the most difficult to remove.

If you have high-end car upholstery, shaving foam can cause both discoloration and permanent damage.

So, while this TikTok trend can be useful in a pinch, experts don’t recommend using it often or replacing specialized car washes. Ivan added: “I would always recommend a ready-to-use cleaner ideal for all interior surfaces or a properly diluted all-purpose car wash.”

While it may seem like shaving gel shouldn’t be your new go-to car wash, there are a few other useful household items that can make impressive car wash tools. Auto Trader experts share their favorites.

Argus: How to clean car seats safelyHow to clean car seats safely (Image: Canva)

How to clean car upholstery

1. Baking Soda: Baking soda is a great deodorant. If there is an area on your seat with a bad smell, sprinkle the area generously with baking soda and leave it overnight, then vacuum it up after 24 hours.

2. Air Freshener: While air vent fresheners minimize cabin odors, targeting your car’s air intake system can make a much bigger difference in keeping your car smelling good. Spray the large vents at the base of the windshield with deodorizer, then run the air conditioner for a few minutes.

3. Silicone bottle brushes: You don’t want to cause scratches by scrubbing too hard, so avoid rough sponges and opt for soft silicone brushes instead. The ones used for cleaning bottles have useful bristles to get into nooks and crannies and they will also protect the integrity of the surfaces inside your car.

4. Brush: Dip a small brush into soapy water, shake off excess, and scrub the areas to be cleaned. Rinse the brush thoroughly and repeat. Like silicone brushes, the brush can access hard-to-reach places and is gentle on all surfaces.

5. Cotton swabs: Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and gently run it around small parts of the car’s interior, such as knobs, gearshifts and buttons, to make them really shine.


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