EVRI customer left ‘absolutely gutted’ after claiming her £150 advent calendar arrived – with all the items absent.

Charlie Marie ordered Charlotte Tilbury’s Advent Calendar for December 28 to treat herself to some precious beauty products from the well-known make-up brand.

However, when her package arrived last Wednesday (January 4) via courier company Evri, Charlie said she was “devastated” to discover the entire contents of the 12-day calendar were allegedly missing.

Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar Unboxing Video. Authors: Charlie Marie.

The video shows Charlie exploring the pale pink advent calendar, first lifting the flap at the top of the box and then going through each of the boxes for the corresponding days.

Sure enough, all the “doors” of the calendar are empty, and no £150 item is found there.

The calendar was supposed to consist of beauty products such as lip oils, highlighter, shadow pencils, serums and lipsticks, but arrived empty and not in “the usual Charlotte Tilbury packaging”.

Charlie took to TikTok last Wednesday (JANUARY 4) to share her plight with the caption: ‘Unpacking an empty order, totally devastated. Can anyone advise? Euro delivery maintenance.”

The video received more than 800 likes and more than 300 comments from shocked people users.

One user wrote: “I have stopped ordering from any company that uses Eury.”

Another said: “I don’t know how Avery is still in business. I’m so afraid to order anywhere that uses them.’

A third commented: “These drivers have been stealing our parcels!”

Another replied: “I’m surprised you even got the empty boxes.”

Speaking today (JANUARY 10), Charlie said: “I was absolutely gutted after I opened it and couldn’t find any products in it.

“I’ve never ordered from Charlotte Tilbury before so didn’t even think about a delivery box until a few people pointed out that it didn’t fit the usual Charlotte Tilbury packaging.

“After receiving the replacement I can see that the first box was definitely not Charlotte Tilbury boxing.

“The retailer was great – after looking into my report on Twitter and an immediate replacement, I was offered a new order or a refund, but I wanted the products, not the money.

“I wasn’t sure knowing it had been re-shipped from Evri but it arrived as promised with next day delivery, complete with all the products and in official Charlotte Tilbury packaging.

“I didn’t initially think it was fake. I actually wondered if it was a packaging error at Charlotte Tilbury.

“However, with the difference in boxing, I would say he was absolutely open and repackaged after leaving Charlotte Tilbury.

“I’m so overwhelmed by the number of people commenting on my TikTok that the same has happened to Charlotte Tilbury and other sellers.

“Honestly, I don’t know how Evri still works.

“Definitely these retailers need to end their contracts and use more reliable services.

“I feel sorry for the real people who work for them, but there seem to be a lot of unscrupulous workers out there too – the comments on my posts speak for themselves.”

The Eurys have been approached for comment.

Evri customer left “absolutely gutted” after claiming £150 advent calendar arrived with all items missing

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