Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has officially joined the Tory leadership race, while Home Secretary Priti Patel could announce her candidacy.

Foreign Secretary Rehman Chishti also made a surprise entry, meaning 11 Conservatives are now in the running to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

Writing in the Telegraph, Ms Truss promised to “start cutting taxes from day one” with a pledge to reverse April’s rise in national insurance.

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Supporter of the Minister of Internal Affairs Priti Patel said there’s a “high chance” she’ll be nominated as well.

Another ally said Ms. Patel was still considering her position, but added that she had more support than some of the candidates who had already publicly announced.

Launching his campaign in a Facebook video, Mr Chishti said: “It’s important to me to make sure that everyone who works hard, who is tough, who is persistent, has a government that is on their side, and that means lower taxes, a smaller state, great society.”

Party elders at the 1922 Tory Committee will decide on the rules for the leadership contest on Monday.

With so many people there is pressure to speed up the process to ensure that only MPs with significant levels of support can get on the ballot paper.

It is hoped MPs will narrow the candidates down to the final two in the coming days before party members make a final choice in the summer.

This will allow the new prime minister to be in office by the time parliament returns in September.

Liz Truss promised to cut taxes “from day one”

Currently the former chancellor Rishi Sunak has the largest number of supporters, with the Minister of Commerce Penny Mordant also proved popular.

Communities minister and ‘next generation’ candidate Kemi Badenach has been given a boost to her campaign after winning the support of former cabinet minister Michael Gove.

The chairman of the Northern Inquiry Group of Tory MPs, Jake Berry, said he would vote yes Tom Tugendhat.

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Ms Truss was widely expected to run for the top job and has cited the recent controversial EU withdrawal legislation as one of her key achievements.

“I put myself forward because I can lead, deliver and make tough decisions,” he said Minister of Foreign Affairs in his Telegraph article.

She is one of several candidates promising big tax cuts if elected.

Ms Truss has already won the backing of Kwasi Kwarteng and the Business Secretary told the Sun that Britain would enjoy a new era of tax cuts and business investment under her leadership.

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Former Health Secretary Sajid Javid on Saturday promised to reverse the rise in national insurance and cut corporation tax when he gets to Downing Street.

The business dealings of some of the candidates were also scrutinized, with Chancellor Nadhim Zahavi saying he had been “defamed” by newspaper claims related to his tax affairs.

Speaking to Kay Burley, The former businessman promised to publish his reports annually if elected as Tory leader.

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