Owning an electric car can be a daunting prospect.

Not only do you have to forget most things you knew about owning a car, but you also have to decide which model is best, where and how to charge it, and shop around for competitive electricity rates – no easy task in the midst of a cost-of-life crisis.

However, there is now a potential new option to ease the transition.

Octopus Electric Vehicles has this week launched a new ‘all you need’ package which gives drivers long-term electric car hire, a home charger and an electric car energy tariff bundled into a monthly payment from £430.

One-stop electric vehicle package that makes switching easier: Octopus has launched an all-in-one package for electric vehicle ownership that is bundled into monthly payments

The clean energy provider behind it says it has also taken pre-orders for a range of sought-after electric vehicles, so drivers who opt for the option will likely be able to jump the long waiting lists to get their hands on the latest models battery powered.

The EV pack is available in Britain from this week and has also been launched in the US.

Called the ‘personal electric car package’, it follows the success of the Octopus wage donation scheme, which has seen 1,500 businesses join in the last 15 months to take advantage of the incredibly low natural tax rate for electric cars in recent years.

Customers who opt for the new all-in-one package will be consulted on everything – this includes electric vehicle experts to help them choose the right vehicle.

And the choice may allow you to get your hands on an EV before other customers.

Recent reports suggest that motorists who wish to switch to another system will have to do so wait 12 to 24 months for new electric car orders to be delivered.

That’s not necessarily because of the high demand that exists, but because manufacturers are still struggling to get their hands on the components — particularly the semiconductor computer chips — that are needed to build them.

MG dealers recently suspended UK orders for the ZS EV and 5 EV, such is the extent of the problem that Tesla is now citing a two-year waiting list for Model S and Model X vehicles.

In an attempt to jumpstart the pack since launch, Octopus has taken pre-orders for a range of popular electric vehicles so customers can hit the road sooner rather than later.

Among the models for which it has placed bulk orders is the Tesla Model Y, the US brand’s latest SUV, which was Britain’s second best-selling new car last month.

Tesla Model Y on a three-year lease with a package

Tesla Model Y on a three-year all-inclusive lease for £859 a month

The offer also includes a free installation of the Ohme Home Pro smart charger owned by the customer once the agreement is signed

The offer also includes a free installation of the Ohme Home Pro smart charger owned by the customer once the agreement is signed

The company told This is Money that it has also placed factory orders for the impressive 2-door Polestar family hatchback and the all-new Genesis GV60, the luxury 4X4 from Hyundai’s luxury brand.

The offer includes free installation of an Ohme Home Pro smart charger and access to the brand’s ‘Intelligent Octopus’ flexible tariff, which will only charge the vehicle when it’s best for the energy system.

The Green Energy Tariff has a low-cost window between 11.30pm and 5.30am, offering 7.5p per kWh of charging – up from a price cap of 28p.

Customers also get 5,000 free miles on the fare.

For those without off-street parking and therefore unable to install a home charger, they instead receive 5,000 free miles on the Electric Juice Octopus public network prepaid card, which allows them to access devices from major suppliers including including Ionity, Osprey and Shell Recharge.

In Britain, monthly costs also cover tire replacement, servicing, repairs and AA breakdown assistance.

Customers who do not have a home charger will receive 5,000 miles of free charging from public chargers.  An MG ZS (pictured) costs £430 a month on a three-year lease

Customers who do not have a home charger will receive 5,000 miles of free charging from public chargers. An MG ZS (pictured) costs £430 a month on a three-year lease

The monthly cost will depend on the selected vehicle and the length of the agreement (from one to four years).

For example, if you want to get a Tesla Model Y on a three-year all-inclusive lease, it will cost £859 a month (subject to Tesla’s variable car prices). The more affordable MG ZS costs £430 a month.

“Over a three-year lease period, the average UK driver on an Intelligent Octopus with 5,000 free miles can save up to £3,775 in fuel costs compared to an equivalent petrol car,” the green company claims.

Fiona Howarth, chief executive of Octopus Electric Vehicles, said: “Demand for electric vehicles is growing rapidly, with over 65 amazing vehicles from 28 manufacturers, low running costs and convenient charging at home and at work.

“We saw that drivers are looking for experts who can offer a complete electric vehicle package to take them on their journey.

“With more electric car models hitting the market every month and innovative tariffs like the Intelligent Octopus that make charging your car as easy as charging your phone, we expect the transition to accelerate.

“Our roads are transforming and we plan to lead the way to make it easy for drivers to switch to clean electric vehicles.”

Edmund King, president of the AA and owner of electric cars, added: “As electric cars become more common, so do the needs of drivers who want to switch to another car.

“This innovative product really demonstrates that no point is left unturned when drivers make the switch to greener transport.”

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