Don’t call him President Putin, call him ‘our leader’: Kremlin allies call for title change of Russian despot

  • The Liberal Democratic Party suggested using a more appropriate Ruler
  • Now the right has 22 seats out of 450 in the Russian parliament
  • It comes when Russia pushes substitutes with products and words from the West
  • The party claims that Putin’s title “President” was first coined in the US in the 18th century

Allies of the Kremlin called on Vladimir Insert he should be addressed as the “Head” of the country rather than his current title of “President”.

Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) proposed to use the Russian name Правитель, as it more closely matches Putin’s status and role.

The right-wing party holds 22 seats out of 450 in the country’s parliament and is currently being used by the Kremlin to gently promote its more radical ideas and gather evidence of their popularity.

It comes as Russia continues to push for substitute products, brands and words from the West amid sanctions over its invasion of Ukraine in February.

The LDPR claimed in Russian media that Putin’s current title “President” was actually first coined in the US in the 18th century, The Telegraph reported, and should be used instead as Ruler, despite its autocratic connotations.

Putin attended the funeral of former party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who died in April, such were his close ties to the Kremlin.

On December 22, 2021, Zhirinovsky, in his speech to deputies, said that the invasion would begin on February 22, although in reality it began on the evening of February 23, and announced a “new direction of Russian foreign policy.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin attended a government meeting via video conference in Moscow on Friday.

Putin's critics have argued that he already has full power in Russia and rules as an autocratic tsar

Putin’s critics have argued that he already has full power in Russia and rules as an autocratic tsar

It was Zhirinovsky’s last speech in the State Duma, and his disappearance came amid rumors that he had angered the Kremlin by announcing the invasion, which Putin wanted to keep quiet.

Zhirinvoski was known for his provocative stunts and anti-Western tirades, which kept him in the spotlight for more than three decades.

The ruler has deep and historic ties to Russia, with the Romanov family, who controlled the country almost entirely as tsars from 1613 to 1917.

King can also have a similar meaning to Ruler, but is more commonly known as “emperor”.

But the “president” was only elected at the end of the Soviet Union, when Mikhail Gorbachev was named its president.

Before that, the heads of the USSR were instead called the chairman of the Communist Party or the general secretary.

Putin’s critics have argued that he already has full power in Russia and rules as an autocratic tsar.

It comes as Putin is “preparing new attacks in Ukraine, moving reserves across Russia to the Ukrainian border”, according to Britain’s Ministry of Defense after the Kremlin warned that the fighting “has not yet begun in earnest”.

“Russia is transferring reserve forces from all over the country and gathering them near Ukraine for future offensive operations,” defense ministry sources said today.

However, they argued that Russian kit was outdated and shabby, adding: “Many of its reinforcements are special forces deployed with outdated or inadequate equipment.”


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