Dawn in French and Jennifer Saunders they were joined by a host of famous faces as they departed Traitors in a special sketch for Comic relief.

It was announced earlier the comedy duo will appear alongside Mary Berry and host of The Traitors Claudia Winkleman in a skit as part of Friday’s “Red Nose Day” telethon.

However, the audience was in for even more surprises when a bunch of other names were sitting at the table in the castle, trying to find traitors among them.

(L-R) Claudia Winkleman, Claudia Winkleman, Claudia Winkleman and Claudia Winkleman (OK, that’s Mary Berry, Claudia Winkleman, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders)

Maddy and Wilf from the first series of Betrayers also appeared, with Maddy joking about her many references to her EastEnders cameo during her initial stay at the castle, when she sat opposite ex-soap pub owner Danny.

Maddie and Wilf (right) also joined French and Saunders in the sketch
Maddie and Wilf (right) also joined French and Saunders in the sketch

Dawn was quite convincing as Claudia with fake tan, eyeliner and a wig with pulled back fringe.

Over the course of the sketch, her turtleneck jumper got bigger and bigger, and she wore a variety of different gloves in homage to some of the Claudia’s viral fashion moments from a show that was recently is confirmed to return for a second series later this year.

However, celebrities were in for a shock when the identity of the traitor became known… Watch the full skit in the video above.

Elsewhere on the Comic Relief telethon, Kylie Minogue appeared in a special episode of the BBC sitcom Ghosts.

A host of famous faces including Jamie Dornan, David Williams, Miranda Hart and Fleur East auditioned for Graham Norton, Lulu and Sam Ryder as part of the Eurovision music video audition sketch.

Dermot O’Leary joined the cast of Stath Lets Flats for a sketch which saw him team up with some of the X Factor’s most famous contestants – including Honey G, Ben Hanau, Stevie Ritchie and Andy Abraham – for a charity single.

Newscasters including Clive Maire, Kay Burley, Hugh Edwards and Naga Manchetti, as well as Susanna Reid, Piers Morgan and Richard Madley, also appeared during the tape, which featured some of Britain’s most serious people cracking jokes.

People Just Do Nothing comedian Asim Chaudhary also reprized his role as Chabadi Ji to star in a skit on Love Island where his character was a bombshell contestant entering the famous villa.

At the end of the live broadcast, the Comic Relief hosts announced that the show had so far raised £31,952,141.


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