Five-time Olympic champion Laura Kenny has announced that she and her husband, Sir Jason Kenny, are expecting their second child.

The news comes a year after Laura, 30, suffered an ectopic pregnancy and 14 months after suffering a miscarriage.

Laura, who gave birth to son Albie in August 2017, made the announcement on her Instagram page.

“One year ago today I was in the ER knowing I was very bad but not knowing what was wrong with me,” Kenny wrote.

“When I found out I had an ectopic pregnancy, my world seemed to fall apart. We had already lost our second child in November and I remember lying there looking for some answers.

The Bolton News: Jason and Laura KennyJason and Laura Kenny

“I still feel that grief today and I don’t think it will ever go away. But today is a year later…”

She then posted a photo of four bikes leaning against a fence to signal the expected addition to the family.

She added: “Today I felt I couldn’t hide anymore. I am already starting to manifest and the anxiety I felt was unreal. Telling the world means I have to accept that we’re having another baby, and that fills me with all sorts of emotions.

“I fear every day that I might have to go through the pain of losing another child. It makes you feel ungrateful for something you’ve been wanting so desperately for the past year.

“But I also know that there will be so many people like me who will see my post and wish I could go away with my happy ending.

“But I also know that when I was in that hospital bed, I looked for people’s happy endings because that was the only thing that gave me any comfort. It’s just maybe, maybe I’d get my happy ending.’

Laura, Britain’s most successful Olympian, reported a miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy in April last year. She had her fallopian tube removed in an emergency operation and said she was “not even close to being scared” and “sometimes life gets to the point where I can’t bear it”.

Wednesday’s announcement comes 18 months before the 2024 Olympics begin in Paris on July 26.

Laura will still have the option to return to racing before then if she chooses to do so, but will have limited opportunities to compete before the Games due to recent calendar changes that moved the World Championships to later in the year.

She won the last of her Olympic gold medals at the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, partnering Cathy Archibald in the first women’s Madison Olympics.

At the same Games, she won silver in the team pursuit, an event in which her teammate Elinor Barker rode in the first round, unaware that she was pregnant at the time.

Laura previously won gold in both the all-around and team pursuit at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics and is the only British woman to win gold at three consecutive Games.

Husband Yazon, from the village Farnworth, won his seventh gold medal in Tokyo with a stunning victory in the keirin final. The following January, he announced his retirement from racing to become coach of the Great Britain men’s sprint team.

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