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We won’t let that change anything. Yes, we’re having a baby, but why does that mean everything else has to be different?

To be mistaken is as crazy as invading Austria in a bicorned hat, convinced you are the Emperor Napoleon.

For most first-time parents, it doesn’t take long for reality to set in – usually around the third sleepless night.

Tash is convinced that the child who is destroying her life is not hers

It’s worse for Tash (played by ex-model Michelle de Swart) in The Baby (Atlantic Sky), because she’s convinced that the blue-eyed, dimpled cutie who’s ruining her life isn’t hers. He literally fell from the sky into her hands.

The Kid is a bold mix of horror, black comedy and psychological thriller. Fans of the American crime tale “Fargo” will recognize her intentions, although there are no serial killers or gangster killers – just a six-month-old baby who has the power of life and death over everyone who crosses his path.

In the debut double bill of half-hour episodes, the corpses included two reluctant mothers, two incompetent cops, a garage attendant and a dog.

It began with a woman running through the woods, escaping from unseen pursuers. We’ve seen this beat-up look in countless Scandi thrillers, but this time it’s done weird.

Izzy Satie plays her best friend Rita, but seems to take it for granted that this baby is really Tash's

Izzy Satie plays her best friend Rita, but seems to take it for granted that this baby is really Tash’s

The woman was carrying a baby in a bag, and the pursuers were a couple of policemen who were too incompetent to be policemen.

Then the woman fell off the edge of the cliff, the child followed her, and then Tash appeared – catching the child falling like a fly grabbing a rugby ball.

It was so surreal (as was the subsequent death of bobby crushed by a falling boulder) that it was hard to tell if it was meant to be taken literally.

An hour later, the question is still unresolved, but there are hints that the nightmarish scenes may be partly Tash’s psychotic delusions, possibly brought on by post-natal depression – a mental illness too often dismissed as ‘baby blues’.

Her best friend Rita (Izzy Satie) seems to take it for granted that this baby is really Tash’s. Most other people never think to question it. . . although one of the jokes in the series is that when a woman gives birth to a child, the rest of the world treats her with tender pity, as if her personality has ceased to exist.

The kid is ambitious, strange, sometimes theatrical and occasionally distracted by his own cleverness. But if you’re looking for something different to watch, this is it.

Michelle de Swart is also a stand-up comedian, and one of her stage routines describes a terrifying night in New York when, after a fashion show, sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein proposed to her.

This may make her unusual because Epstein routinely used other people to lure his prey.

Ghislaine Maxwell: The Making Of A Monster Describes Jeffrey Epstein's System As A 'Sexual Pyramid'

Ghislaine Maxwell: The Making Of A Monster Describes Jeffrey Epstein’s System As A ‘Sexual Pyramid’

Ghislaine Maxwell: The Making Of A Monster (C4) described his system as a “sexual pyramid”. His mistress, the scheming daughter of Robert Maxwell, recruited teenagers to indulge Epstein’s perverse lusts, then sent those girls off to find more victims. This series raked up ground well trodden by previous documentaries.

Robert Maxwell’s Devious Daughter Recruited Teens to Indulge Epstein’s Perverse Wishes

Neither film fully explained why Maxwell facilitated Epstein’s pedophilia over the years. Partly because evil is inexplicable—and she is definitely evil.

But we will never fully understand until the mystery of Epstein and his money is solved. And it seems there are a lot of very powerful people who are determined to suppress this story.

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