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It must be admitted that they did not meet @BigNik before, but as far as we can tell he’s a singer and a Christian (maybe not in that order) and he’s not a fan of how women dress when they go to the gym.

We know this because he said it on Twitter.

And that seems like a perfectly reasonable (and overly polite) response.

Thus @BigNikprobably to no one’s surprise, he pressed the button with a double designation.

That’s all about @BigNikwith of course this!

And the reason we’re mentioning this is because one answer in particular went insanely viral and spawned a whole fantasy thread of its own, and we hope @BigNik appreciated it.










Well, you already understood.

@BigNik later said it was “funny how shocked people got over it” and was even encouraged to write a song about it.

Unfortunately, not even the entire Internet is big enough for us to find a place to include it.

The source Twitter @BigNik Image Unsplash Sven Mieke

A Christian singer said women ‘dressed like prostitutes’ in the gym and the comebacks were magnificent

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