After a few weeks fan of speculationfamous hairdresser Chris Appleton finally figures out his relationship with Lucas Gage.

Appearance on The Drew Barrymore ShowChris confirmed that he and the White Lotus actor are a couple.

“I’m so happy,” Chris says in a clip from Friday’s episode, which the show teased on social media. “I am very much in love and feel very grateful to be able to share my time with someone very special.”

He goes on to note, “Love is a really special thing, and I think meeting someone that you really connect with is really, really special.”

Although Chris doesn’t name Lucas in the teaser, he does confirm that the You star is indeed his boyfriend when a photo of them February trip to Mexico is displayed.

The two men first sparked romance rumors last month when they posted photos with a joint vacation on their respective Instagram accounts.

Last week, they appeared together on the red carpet event in Los Angeles hosted by Vanity Fair and TikTok.

Lucas addressed the rumors in an interview from The New York Timesbut rejected the implication that the photos should be taken as an official announcement of the relationship.

“If they want to think that way, they can,” Lucas said last week. “I’m pretty open about most things in my life, but I have a problem with a culture where everyone needs to know everyone else’s business and nothing is sacred. It’s a weird line that I’m still trying to figure out.”

Lucas Gage (left) and Chris Appleton attend the Vanity Fair and TikTok event in Los Angeles.

John Kapaloff via Getty Images

Chris, who is British, is best known as Kim Kardashian’s main hairstylist and also created signature images for Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry.

In addition to his scene-stealing performances in White Lotus and You, Gage recently received recognition as co-writer and star Low downwhich premiered at South by Southwest this month.

The dark comedy directed by Rytor Doyle tells the story of an unlikely kinship between a repressed middle-aged gay man (played by Zachary Quinto) and a young massage therapist (Gage).

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