Gardaí have a short list of suspects following an incident in Cherry Orchard, west Dublin, on Monday when a Garda vehicle rammed another vehicle.

Police Commissioner Drew Harris called the incident “disgraceful” and said a full investigation was underway.

Video of the incident, which has been widely shared on social media and messaging apps, was taken in the west Dublin suburb of Cherry Orchard.

The incident happened on Monday at 19.30.

Gardaí said they were responding to reports of dangerous driving in the area when they witnessed two vehicles driving erratically and which later failed to stop when asked to do so.

Investigators believe the incident was an act of “retribution” for Garda operations against a gang behind so-called joyriding in the area, Irish Examiner reports.

Earlier, police arrested and charged seven suspects in connection with the issue. The individuals were released on bail and placed under curfew.

Three of the seven have since been remanded in custody after breaching their bail conditions.

“A number of them regrouped and there was retaliation on Monday,” one Garda source said.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Commissioner Harris said the incident was “disgraceful and, indeed, very disturbing”.

He added: “I am pleased to report that the two Garda officers in the car were unhurt and were able to call for help who arrived quickly to help them clear the way.”

“Intensive police operations have been carried out in the area over the past few weeks,” Commissioner Harris said, adding that vehicles had been seized and arrested.

“There is now a full investigation, but we also have to look at tonight and the following nights.”

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