A LUCKY punter has backed a 9/1 outsider at Cheltenham to end up winning the race – all thanks to a lucky matchup application.

Dylan Chapman was betting for the day on Wednesday at one of the nation’s biggest horse racing events calendar.

The 21-year-old selected a number of horses for various races throughout the day but couldn’t decide who he liked better at 2.50 a meeting.

Dylan asked his Hinge partner to pick a number. Written by Dylan Chapman

Earlier in the day, Dylan, from Worcestershire, met a young woman named Olivia Elliott on the dating app Hinge and decided to break the ice with an unusual opener.

Electrical engineer Dylan asked Olivia to pick a number between 1 and 26, to which she answered 14, leaving Dylan to put a five on horse number 14, Langer Dunn, in chances from 9/1.

The video shows a conversation between the pair on Hinge, with Dylan’s opening line simply reading, “Pick a number between 1 and 26.”

Olivia replies, “Well, 14.”

Dylan then replies, “I bet no. 14 to win a horse race today. Let’s hope you’re a lucky charm.”

Incredibly, the Dan Skelton-trained horse was victorious, winning the Coral Cup Hurdle to earn Dylan £50.

A second image confirms Dylan’s win – showing bookmaker Paddy Power’s app and an image titled ‘Giddy Up! You have won £50.00.

Dylan shared the joke on social media on Wednesday, writing: “True love story.”

Dylan is pictured with Kaka
Dylan (left) pictured with footballer Kaka couldn’t believe it when the horse won. Written by Dylan Chapman

His post received more than 9,000 likes and more than 160 retweets, and dozens of users flocked to the comments section, including Olivia herself.

She joked: “Now we’re married with two kids, a third on the way and two little dogs.”

Another simply commented: “Lenger Dan.”

A third replied: “Take her with the €50 won, only fair.”

Another added: “Haha, love it.”

Speaking today, Dylan said: “I met Liv earlier in the day and there were no clear favorites in the 2.50 race yesterday and I needed to pick a horse.

“So there’s no better way than to start the conversation in a different way and stand out – then it was even better when he won.

“All the guys were buzzing to be fair and she even responded with a bit of banter.”

The biggest race of the Cheltenham Festival takes place tomorrow with the Gold Cup.

Neigh way: Lucky Cheltenham punter backs outsider after Hinge match picks random number

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