Speculation that Boris Johnson return to Downing Street is likely to increase after it emerged he received £1m from a Tory donor.

Johnson, who was forced out of office last summer, recorded a £1m donation from businessman Christopher Harborne to Boris Johnson Ltd’s office in the latest update of the MPs’ register of interests.

A private limited company set up by a former Prime Minister functions solely to assist him in carrying out his work as a former Prime Minister. Either way, the donation gives him a huge war chest for what he plans next.

Harborne was among the donors who helped fund the Brexit Party and also donated to the Conservatives.

Donation entry in the register of interests of the deputy.

Johnson tried to get his old job back in the weeks after he left the investigation the resignation of his successor, Liz Trussbut in the end he bowed down and made way for Rishi Sunakpremiership of

But the former prime minister still has supporters and support for an unlikely comeback will grow if the new prime minister fails to turn around the party’s fortunes.

The very last dismal poll rating for Sunak, published on Thursday, gives Labor a huge 27-point lead over the Tories.

Johnson’s fan is open on Sunday Nadine Doris warned Conservative MPs that they must “return Boris Johnson or die.”

The former culture minister said her party was “heading into a long, cold and hard wasteland of ungrateful opposition” under Sunak.

On Tuesday, Johnson unveiled his portrait during an event at the Carlton Club, a prominent conservative scratch.

For now according to reports urging colleagues to “continue to support the government”, he also set out goals he wants Sunak to deliver on, including cutting taxes, expanding home ownership and taking advantage of Brexit “freedoms”.

At the same time, Lord Cruddas, the former Tory treasurer, and Johnson’s former home secretary, Priti Patel, formed the Conservative Democrats in an attempt to give more power to Tory members, most of whom still support the former leader.

Johnson has also announced that he intends to stand again in Uxbridge at the next election, rather than leave parliament entirely like former prime ministers Tony Blair and David Cameron.

Johnson continues to live in a property linked to wealthy Tory donor Lord Bamford, according to parliamentary declarations.

He claimed the “use of accommodation for myself and my family from December 2022 to January 2023 at an estimated cost of £10,000”, provided by Lord Anthony and Lady Carol Bamford.

Johnson has claimed more than £1million in speaking fees since stepping down last September.

In December, he recorded around £300,000 for two separate speeches.

Johnson resigned as Prime Minister last September after partygate and Pinchergate scandals.


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